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Tools to Facilitate Quadrotor-based Cinematography
2017 Stanford Thesis

Presents my overall thesis work on cinematography-first interaction with quadrotor cameras, enabling novices and experts alike to capture high quality video footage without manually pilotting a quadrotor.

Dissertation (pdf)
Thesis defense video (youtube)
Thesis defense slides (just slides | with notes)
Towards a Drone Cinematographer: Guiding Quadrotor Cameras using Visual Composition Principles
2016 arXiv Paper

Presents an end-to-end system that autonomously captures cinematic shots of people using a quadrotor camera, by drawing on visual composition principles.

by Niels Joubert*, Jane L. E*, Dan B Goldman, Floraine Berthouzoz, Mike Roberts, James A. Landay, and Pat Hanrahan. Appears on arXiv 2016

Project Website | Research Paper

An Interactive Tool for Designing Quadrotor Camera Shots
2015 SIGGRAPH Paper

Demonstrates a tool to preplan and automously execute cinematic trajectories using quadrotor cameras.

by Niels Joubert*, Mike Roberts*, Anh Truong, Floraine Berthouzoz, and Pat Hanrahan. Appears in SIGGRAPH Asia 2015.

Project Website | Research Paper

Liszt: A Domain Specific Language for Building Portable Mesh-Based PDE Solvers

Presents a programming language and runtime system for performant and productive mesh-based simulation programming.

by Zach DeVito, Niels Joubert, Francisco Palocios, Stephen Oakley, Montserrat Medina, Mike Barrientos, Erich Elsen, Frank Ham, Alex Aiken, Karthic Duraisamy, Eric Darve, Juan Alonso, and Pat Hanrahan.

Research Paper

BruteSaaS: A centrally managed pull-based peer-to-peer system for software distribution in enterprise environments
2011 KDDI Whitepaper

Presents a software distribution system we build at BruteSoft Inc. Demonstrates how to adapt the Bittorrent protocol with two important features for enterprise software distribution: (1) respect the asymmetric bandwidth of two-tier enterprise WAN/LAN environments, and (2) provide central management of the distributed torrent network.

by Niels Joubert


Enhancing online personal connections through the synchronized sharing of online video
2008 CHI Short Paper

Investigates the Zync video sharing system we build at Yahoo! Research Berkeley. Zync enables simultaneous, synchronous video consumption in Yahoo! messenger. We show how our system improves intimacy and personal connection between users.

by David Shamma, Marcello Bastrea-Forte, Niels Joubert and Yiming Liu.

Research Paper


The Dusty Connection
2016 Theme Camp

Bringing Radical Intimacy to the Playa! A tearoom, inside which participants play a connection game based on the 36 Questions, designed to foster deep and meaningful personal connections between citizens of Black Rock City. Grown men were crying.

Here's our 36 Questions Booklet (pdf)

Co-founded by Niels Joubert and Fergus Noble

Black Rock City Hall
2015 Art Car

A mobile City Hall for Black Rock City, providing a convenient polling location for BRC's Majoral Election Race. Sadly the ballot boxes were lost shortly after the tragic and untimely demise of the electrical system.

Co-led by Ryan Mason and Niels Joubert

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